U12 Girls Division Information

The U12 House Division plays 9v9 with a size 4 ball, in two 30 minute halves.

Celtic Soccer provides 2 jerseys and green socks.  Players need black shorts, shin guards, cleats, and a size 4 ball.

US Soccer implemets new heading guidelines.  There will be no purposeful head balls allowed in U12 and this should also not be taught in practice.  http://usclubsoccer.org/2016/03/14/implementation-guidelines-for-u-s-soccers-player-safety-campaign-concussion-initiatives-heading-for-youth-players/

The offside law 11: OFFSIDES

U12 teams practice 2x week for 1 - 1 1/2 hours.  Practice days/times are determined by the volunteer coaches.  Games are played on Saturdays and scheduled between 9am-12pm.