Tournament Rules

House Tournament Rules
A.     Rules: All matches are played under Palatine Celtic Soccer Club House Rules of Play except as noted here.
B.    Duration of games:

  • U-10-  Two twenty minute halves
  • U-12- Two twenty-five minute halves
  • U-14- Two thirty minute halves

C.    Substitution: Both teams may substitute players on ANY throw-in, goal kick or kick-off. This rule is intended to provide coaches with the maximum opportunities to ensure each player receives 50% playing time, a requirement of the tournament.

D.    Scoring: Preliminary Round games will be scored as follows

  1. Six points for a win
  2. 3 points for a tie/draw
  3. 0 points for a loss
  4. 1 bonus point for each goal scored, up to a maximum of three goals
  5. 1 bonus point for a shut out game (If losing team scored zero points against winning team – winning team receives bonus point – if teams tie 0-0 for final score, no bonus point will be given to either team for zero points scored)

Maximum points for a win – 10 (six for win, plus three for three goals, plus one point for a shut out)

E.     Tiebreakers: Preliminary round matches that end regulation play as a tie/draw will be scored as such. No overtime in preliminary round matches.
In the event of a tie at the end of preliminary round of play in deciding group winners and/or wildcards, the following criteria will be used:

  1. Head –to-head competition – winner advances
  2. Most games won
  3. Fewest goals against
  4. Most goals scored (max 3/game)
  5. If teams remain tied in tournament points after all other tie breakers remain tied, those teams will move to a shoot out round to determine winner that will advance to next round.  

F. Overtime: In the event of a tie after regulation time in the semifinal or final games, the following will apply:

  1. Teams will play two five-minute overtime periods (no golden goal/sudden victory)  
  2. If the game is still tied, Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be undertaken. In the process, each team will designate five roster players that have played during the game (not limited to players on the field at the end of the game) to take alternate penalty kicks under FIFA procedures except as altered here.
  3. If still tied, the remaining rostered players who played in the game will take alternate penalty kicks. Kicks will be taken in the same alternating fashion until one team outscores the other team.
  4. Teams will not “reduce to equate” , as called for under FIFA rules, should the teams have different numbers of players for the game. The team with fewer players will have players chosen to shoot twice to equal the number on the opposing team via random draw.

G.    Forfeits/Byes: In the event of a forfeit or bye, the winning team will earn Six points (equivalent to points that would win a game).

H.    Protests: Protests will not be allowed. Referee decisions are final.

I.     Red Cards: Any player who receives a red card will be disqualified for the remainder of that game as well as the next game. Any player accumulating two red cards will be disqualified from the remainder of the tournament. Any coach or parent receiving a red card will reduce their team’s point total by 1 each occurrence.

J.  Official Scoring:  Coaches should confirm the final result with the referee before leaving the field after each game and immediately submit a match report to their division director via the website, or text, for posting.  Referees will submit their own evaluation of the score for comparison. 


Download Tournament rules: House Tournament Rules