Celtic Turns


Foundational Turns Advanced Turns Challenging Turns
Laces Mania Step Over Turn R9 Stepover
Inside Outside Swivel Ronaldo Chop
Outside Inside Cruyff Turn Zidane Spin
Double Touch Roll Larsson Ronaldo Scissors
Inside Hook Fake Stop 'n' Go Reverse Cruyff
Outside Hook Samba McGeady
Pull Back Matthews  Elastico
Pull Back V Matthews Scissors One footed Maradona
The "L" Maradona Neymar
Scissors Zidane Rainbow


Celtic Player Education

Player Ed

As part of our player development initiative, we have developed a series of videos focused on developing skills outside the training environment. These videos are useful to both players and parents to focus on certain skills and techniques at home. We will continue to add different videos to enhance our players' experience and their technical mastery throughout the year.

Toe Taps   Foundation   Inside and Outside  
Rake Stop Transfer   Scissors   Pull Back V Transfer